Whenever I move, the last thing I pack is my Fae Ellsworth painting. When I move into the new place, the first thing unpacked is the same painting, which I immediately hang on the most prominent wall of the house.

Lara Thurber
Tempe, Arizona


My husband had a recurrent nightmare where a figure with bring red hair was approaching him. He felt that if the figure touched him, he would die.

He would awaken screaming in terror. I would comfort him by repeating “Honey, youre having that dream again,” until he would fall into fitful sleep.

Since he hung Fae’s piece over our bed, he as never had his nightmare again. He says that if our home were on fire, and he could take only one material possession, his “Honey you’re having That Dream Again “painting would be it.”

Kathrene Moss
New York, New York